these are links I go to regularly, tell 'em Ramses Sent ya ^_~


Anime links

Anipike-(due to server problems, I linked it to a mirror site in Europe) a VERRY well made page, it helps to have a page like this to find everything you wanted to know about almost every anime ever made.

-Fashion Sense, a Great page about this Shojo Manga called "Gals!" I highly recomidend it!.

happy Donout Land-an adoption page for Trigun head in all of us.

Home of the White Shadow: A gatchaman page-one of the greatest hero teams in anime, this pages has up to date info about the Scientific Ninja Team

Planet Namek-a great place to kill a day or too in. Very good up-to Date info about the DBZ boys

Anime on TV-wondering what an an Otaku wants to watch on TV? head here and find out what's on.

Saint Seiya translation Archive-OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this is THE defined site for begginers of Saint Seiya, verry accurate and infomative


-a very well made Cowboy Bebop page, love the artwork BTW ~_^

Video Game links's Playstation 2 page,really good and verry informative

gamefaqs-stuck on a game? here's were to go

RPGD-dont read Nihongo? (Japanese?) go here and get translation for some of the best games from the land of the rising sun.


-THE Deferent source for all you're Metal Gear needs,head to the fourms, sometimes I can be found there ~_^

-KCEJ's official page (Their responsible for Metal Gear series,Zone of the Enders and many more games for Konami)

Misa. links

Penny Arcade-no site would be complete without a link to this VERY hysterical net comic. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday's Scifi source.

Sony Picture's Spider-man Site-THE movie of next year! trust me, DLed their Wallpapers,their to die for!

Spider-man Hype-..and for those who cant wait for it, here's a great webpage witch has pics,spoliers and much more from the world of the webhead!

-one of the best places for G.I. Joe info on the net,you name it,they cover it!


Zartan's Domain-reborn from the ashed of the dead,Zartan's Domain takes fandom to an all new level!

From the pages of Image/Devil's Due comic comes this amazing page,get all the info right here for G.I. Joe.


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